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First Israeli band on rockband! The Carsitters Live (sort of) on RockBand 2 ! we recently returned from our 3'd European tour and were gladly informed that we are going to be the first Israeli band to have tracks available for console game Rockband2. Starting Jan.17th , you will be able to visit the Rock Band store, download the tracks (including “All Eyes on Me” and "Push Me") and rock out in your basement with your friends as if you were Noa,Yoav,Etay or Yoni, hmmmm,we wonder,who would rather be?!? We will celebrate and let you play test the game in one of our upcoming shows right after the game release,stay tuned for more information...
New Album Out! Our new album is finally out!! and now you can also get it on Itunes or our new online store!
Check it out - we also have new great looking Tshirts for you girl and boys! Our new store is here!
Boy Meets Girl - The Game Check out our new Video game for the "Boy Meets Girl" single!
Collect more then 60 points and get to download a free mp3 of it! Play The Game!

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Can't Tell for free!

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  • The Carsitters - No time

    download for free "can't tell" from our album!

    right here - >
    download our song "can't tell" and other 21 songs for free!


European Mini Tour

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  • The Carsitters - European Tour

    Europe here we come , for the third time

    As the mini tour in Europe gets closer , tune into our networks to find out where we are and what we do Want to meet up after a show? want to invite us for Christmas dinner? want to have a coffee in Amsterdam?a beer in Frankfurt?a waffle in Antwerp? we will be happy to meet you,join us on the net and speak up!
    Check the dates!


The Carsitters on iTunes!

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New Single - I don't mind

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  • The Carsitters - No time

    Our third single is out and you can watch the premiere of the video clip.

    on the following website,give it a couple of second until it begins, and a big credit to Erez Drigues,Amit Zamir,Roey Keren and Yoni Ohayon and the wonderful actors, feel free to write your comment...


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The Carsitters are an energetic pop-rock band.
The group's material is based on various artistic and musical influences, forming into hot and fresh pieces, leaving the clichés and saccharine out of the equation